Oakfield Travel Training programme

The Aspire Federation continues to develop bespoke travel training packages to provide outstanding outcomes for our learners. The ethos of the programme is that learners thrive and become confident, resillient learners who can access opportunities based on personal need and develop their confidence and independence. The changing nature of the cohort means our programme has evolved to ensure learners are provided with opportunities to follow a personalised programme. We have developed our outstanding practice further to include learners achieving an accredited qualification for their travel training experiences.

Rationale / Start Point
To prepare learners for adulthood.

To build learner self confidence and resilience when travelling in the community.

To enable learners to be safe and know where to ask for help when using public transport or travelling in the community.

To develop learners social experiences by providing a travel training package to allow them to travel to external curriculum opportunities and/or social activities outside of the school/college day.