Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss R Roberts

Assistant Headteacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

Miss N Schofield

Pastoral Manager

Mrs J Penny

Pastoral Manager

Ms A Brown

Pastoral Manager

Miss L Price

Pastoral Manager

If you have any concerns about a child contact the designated safeguarding lead or you can make a referral yourself.

Reporting concerns about a child

If you are a parent or carer you can report it via this link:

I’m a child and I’m being abused or am worried about my safety click on this link

I’m a professional and work with children and have concerns about a child, report it via this link

This link contains the thresholds of need document.

Click here for the thresholds of need document.

Safeguarding and welfare

All staff receive regular updates on child protection and safe guarding via weekly briefings, staff meetings, email and training. All staff are aware of the schools safeguarding and child protection procedures and reporting expectations. This includes admin, support staff, cleaning and kitchen staff. 

School has a well-established pastoral concern system this allows the recording of pastoral and safeguarding concerns via a safeguarding log. The pastoral team consist of three pastoral managers for one responsible for year 6 transition learners, year 7, year 8 and one responsible for year 9, 10 and 11. There is a pastoral manager for Key Stage 5. Learners are supported via these adults and are well supported in school time. The pastoral team work with a wide range of external agencies to provide support for learners and their families.

There is also a learning support team who meet twice each half term, this includes the pastoral team, a school support worker, senior leaders, outreach support, catch up HLTA’s and this group works with a wide range of outside agencies. These include therapy provision, educational psychology, social care and the startwell team.