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Privacy Notice 


Learner and Parent Privacy Notice 

We hold personal data about learners to support teaching and learning, to provide pastoral care and to assess how the school is performing. We may also receive data about learners from other organisations including, but not limited to, other schools, local authorities and the Department for Education. 

This data includes, but is not restricted to: 

  • Contact details 
  • Results of internal assessment and externally set tests 
  • Data on learner characteristics, such as ethnic group or special educational needs 
  • Exclusion information 
  • Details of any medical conditions 

We will only retain the data we collect for as long as is necessary to satisfy the purpose for which it has been collected. 

We will not share information about learners with anyone without consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so. Individuals who wish to receive a copy of the information that we hold about them/their child should refer to sections 8 and 9 of this policy. 

Once our learners reach the age of 13, we are legally required to pass on certain information to Wigan Local Authority and other relevant support services, which have responsibilities in relation to the education or training of 13-19 year-olds. Parents, or learners if aged 16 or over (who understand data protection principles), can request that only their name, address and date of birth be passed to these organisations by informing Mrs. J Platt (DPO) or the relevant school office. 

Some of our learners may complete GCSE or Level 1-2 qualifications. As part of the process to put in place the appropriate support for any written tests (e.g. extra time, reading support etc.), some learners’ information may be submitted to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) for and automated decision to be made about whether the support is approved.  

We are required, by law, to pass certain information about learners to specified external bodies, such as our local authority and the Department for Education, so that they are able to meet their statutory obligations. We will share sensitive information with services such as occupational health, physio and speech and language therapy among others. This is so that we can look after our learners as well as possible. 

In addition to sharing information to fulfil our legal obligations we will also share minimal information with companies that provide online learning tools. Information will only be shared with these companies when it helps us to be more effective in educating our learners. 

Other companies we share information with provide ways for us to track and report the progress of our learners more easily. The information shared with these companies could include sensitive information such as free school meal entitlement, ethnicity and date of birth, among other things. The reports produced by these tools for us are required by the Department for Education (DfE), Wigan Local Authority or other similar organisations. 

All learners will be given the opportunity to complete qualifications. In order to do this we need to share information with the awarding bodies. In turn, they will share the learners’ results with us as well as informing the DfE of the outcomes of each learner. We will not share the learners’ results with any other learners at Aspire or with any adults who are not staff members, unless the learner gives us consent to share their results. Ideally learners should share their results with colleges and other education providers they move onto after their time with Oakfield or Landgate. In the event that this has not happened, we will share the relevant results with them that they need to provide appropriate education for the learner after they have left us. 

As part of the Wigan outreach service we contribute to, we collect information about learners from other schools in the borough. This information is only used to provide an effective service to those learners referred and the schools they are a part of; and to evaluate the impact of the service on those individuals who have used the service. This helps us to improve our service for the future. 

Occasionally minimal learner information (first and surnames, and sometimes pictures) will be shared with education professionals in other schools as part of the support service we provide. This will usually be in the context of taking examples of school work to training events we deliver. At these events the examples of work will be kept in sight of our members of staff at all times. The service is to help staff in other schools to improve their education for learners with SEND by sharing our expertise in this area. 

We tend to use photos and videos a lot to show the life of the school. The photos and videos are used in line with the consent of individual learners or their parents/carers (in school, on the website, on social media or in other schools). Sometimes photos/videos of our learners, or of those who access our outreach service, are used as part of the training we provide to staff in other schools.  

We are keen for our learners to be as independent as possible. As part of working towards this we provide opportunities for work experience to appropriate learners. In this instance we will need to share some information with staff at the work experience placement to enable them to care appropriately for the learner. Information shared with the staff will not be shared with anyone else unless absolutely necessary. 


Staff Privacy Notice 

We process data relating to those we employ to work at, or otherwise engage to work at, our school. The purpose of processing this data is to assist in the running of the school, including to: 

  • Enable individuals to be paid 
  • Facilitate safe recruitment 
  • Support the effective performance management of staff 
  • Improve the management of workforce data across the sector 
  • Inform our recruitment and retention policies 
  • Allow better financial modelling and planning 
  • Enable ethnicity and disability monitoring 
  • Support the work of the School Teachers’ Review Body 

Staff personal data includes, but is not limited to, information such as: 

  • Contact details 
  • National Insurance numbers 
  • Salary information 
  • Qualifications 
  • Absence data 
  • Personal characteristics, including ethnic groups 
  • Medical information 
  • Outcomes of any disciplinary procedures 

We will only retain the data we collect for as long as is necessary to satisfy the purpose for which it has been collected. 

We will not share information about staff with third parties without consent unless the law allows us to. 

We are required, by law, to pass certain information about staff to specified external bodies, such as our local authority and the Department for Education, so that they are able to meet their statutory obligations.  

Any staff member wishing to see a copy of information about them that the school holds should contact the Executive Business Manager. 


Visitors Privacy Notice 

We collect information about visitors who come to school in order to fulfil our safeguarding duty to our learners. If a visitor is to be left unsupervised in school they will need to provide evidence of a valid DBS check relating to the role they are fulfilling. The signing in system will collect the following information about each visitor: 

  • Name 
  • Role 
  • Car registration number 
  • Photo  
  • Organisation being represented 

The system prints a badge for each visitor which should be worn at all times whilst on the premises for the purposes of identification. The information collected on the signing in system can be accessed remotely by the company providing the software (for technical assistance). In the instance that this is necessary the company has confirmed that the information will not be shared with anyone else. 


Privacy information for all people accessing the relevant school building 

CCTV is used in and around school on corridors for the purposes of keeping our learners, staff and visitors, their property, and school property, safe. The footage captured by the CCTV system will be viewed/released in accordance with our Surveillance and CCTV policy and will be automatically overwritten periodically. Footage of specific events may be retained on disk for future reference. This footage will be released in accordance with our Surveillance and CCTV policy. 


Withdrawal of consent and the right to lodge a complaint 

Where we are processing your personal information with your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. In order to do this you should contact the main office at the relevant school.  

If you are unhappy with our use of your personal information, please let us know by contacting our data protection officer (DPO) using the contact information below. 


Contact information 

If you would like to discuss anything in this privacy notice, please contact Mrs J Platt (DPO) via the details below: 

Oakfield High School & College 

Long Lane 

Hindley Green 


WN2 4XA 

01942 776142 



This privacy notice was last updated on13th February 2019.