Personal Development

At Oakfield we are proud of our school community, the positivity of the relationships that we foster and our school values that place personal, character development at the heart of everything we do. Personal development is seen as a fundamental area for our learners and we believe that our school ethos of learning today for our tomorrow is promoted throughout our curriculum and wider experiences. Learners apply their skills in extensive situations to thrive in their school journey and are prepared for their future life beyond Oakfield.

At Oakfield we recognise the academic, moral, civic and performance virtues needed for learners to develop to become responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to British society. Learners celebrate their achievements throughout school by earning excellence awards against our character building skills. The behaviour of the learners is outstanding due to the consistent and effective application of the school's positive ethos that focuses on recognising, rewarding and celebrating achievement. Oakfield learners are motivated to attend school because they are happy and enjoy school life. Learners embrace the school and college Respect Charter as a result of the consistent use of the behaviour policy, structured timetable and outstanding teaching and high-quality work.

Our learners’ attitudes to learning are exceptional as high quality teaching ensures that the learners make outstanding progress, through matching the curriculum and tailoring resources to individual needs. The school provides identified learners with access to specialist facilities, such as a sensory circuit, immersion room and nurture room. This helps them recognise their emotions, enhance social communication and interaction, and self/co regulate.