Mission Statement

To create the best outcomes for young people and each other through support in a respectful, confidential and non-judgemental setting.

‘Supporting each other today for our Children’s tomorrow’

We have created a platform for parent’s voices to be heard, for parents to find out more about supporting their child’s learning, education opportunities for parents, encouraging parents as volunteers and improving communications between the school and the parents/community.


Parent Group 

Currently, we are holding parent group on a Friday at 10:00am. The session is usually a general ‘Chill and Chat’ session where parents and carers can get together, grab a cup of coffee or tea, have a chat, ask questions and get to know other parents/carers with Miss Whittaker. Again, these sessions are safe places for parents/carers to come to take time out and relax and chat with others.  

Other sessions that we have run on a Friday, have included a monthly Occupational Therapy session with the Oakfield OT and Miss Whittaker. In this session parents and carers can ask the OT questions and get advice and support.  

Sessions are added and changed when needed, for example, when home schooling was introduced in January this year, Mr Walker (Assistant Head teacher) and Miss Whittaker delivered sessions around parents supporting learners with home learning and using Teams and other digital platforms. Other ad hoc sessions will include information for parents and carers regarding GCSE’s and collection.  


Oakfield - Parent Group Summer Term 1 Calender of Events

Oakfield - Parent Group Summer Term 1

Oakfield - Parent Group Summer Term 2