The federation believes strongly that a happy young person is an effective learner. Appropriate care, guidance and support are essential to the life of the federation and form the backbone to everything the federation does. The federation prides itself on providing a highly successful, safe and caring learning environment for all learners and staff. At The Aspire Federation we are passionate about developing every young person and supporting them in reaching their full potential. We have worked extensively to create an environment where both learners and staff genuinely want to be. Inclusion underpins all aspects of learning.


Our Learning Support Team is committed to delivering an intensive service for all members of our federation and wider community.


The key aims being:


  • To create an ethos in which learners can achieve and their achievements are encouraged and celebrated


  • Provide high quality teaching in a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable learning environment


  • Help all learners to develop their personal and social skills, and to experience success and enjoyment


  • To nurture young people so they believe that they really do matter.


The Aspire Federation follows an inclusive process of identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers to learning, participation and belonging.