As a parent you are one of the most influential people in your child’s life and in the best possible position to support your child as they consider their future, review their options and make choices. 

Here at Oakfield we have an outstanding Careers provision providing education, information, advice and guidance and our information or learners page signposts learners to on-line information advice and guidance. 

Whilst some young people have a very clear idea of where they see their pathway leading them, others may take a while to decide – you can help by:


Starting the conversation


  • Focus on skills and behaviour your child will need, rather than specific jobs.
  • Talk about goals and what your child finds fulfilling.
  • Be open minded and encouraging.
  • Talk about what careers experiences you child has had at school (lessons, visits, tutor time, citizenship and assemblies).
  • Be patient as your child’s choices may change.
  • Remember it’s your child’s decision on what direction they want to go.


We realise it can be challenging to know how to ask the right questions, you may want to start with their interests, skills, abilities, values, and knowledge of the world of work.  There are many organisations who offer advice and support to parents at various stages of your child’s career pathway from Year 8 or 9, to post 16 choices, university, apprenticeships, community interest companies, social care provision and funding support.


Useful Links for Parents