Class organisation

Pupils are divided into classes consisting of similar ages and ability based on reading / spelling scores. Within the class groups learners have individual needs which can be catered for through the way the class is organised.

Teaching assistants are valuable members of school staff; supporting differentiated work, evaluating outcomes and informing planning.

Depending on the learners’ ability, Oakfield offers a range of courses at Key Stage Four which ensures that all learners undertake some form of accreditation at the end of Year Eleven.

Time allocation

At Key Stage Three learners have five fifty minute lessons per week.

At Key Stage Four learners have four fifty minute lessons per week.

Resources and Accommodation

There are two main English bases in the school: resources and equipment are located here.

The school also has a Library, which is well resourced and classes use this library every morning to change library books and once a week to enjoy reading lessons.

ICT is also used in English lessons with each group enjoying a weekly lesson to redraft work or improve spelling and reading skills by using a wide range of ICT programmes.

Sensory Room

At Oakfield we have a sensory room which learners can access during English lessons. The themes in the sensory rooms change each term and often reflect the English curriculum. Learners can access a multi sensory approach to learning using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic resources.