At Oakfield High School and College, we are passionate about the ever-changing environment, surroundings and engaging young people to take an interest in this through environmental education and action. The eco-council is a vital part of how we as a school improve in different areas from waste to water consumption and our learners and eco warriors play a huge part in the decision-making process. Voted in by peers, this wonderful opportunity introduces the concept of democracy throughout school and gives all learners a voice to be part of something that they can be passionate about, it also gives learners a feeling of being part of different projects and teaches them about meeting etiquette. The eco-council also work in partnership with a variety of different bodies from Wigan Council to local waste companies, educating all on the effects of our actions on the world.  

We are always looking for new members to join us and help the school become a greener place and retain the prestigious green flag award when eco schools come and look at all the work we have been completing. 


Global Goals for Health and Wellbeing at Oakfield 



Good Health and Wellbeing: 

The eco council this academic year are aiming to raise awareness and facilitate ‘World Health Day 2023’ on Friday 7th April 2023. On this day the council will create resources for form time activities, raise money and hold mental health sessions for both learners and staff. Learners will gain valuable skills from this enterprise as such as teamwork, information collection and public speaking. 


Clean Water and Sanitation:  

The eco council this year are focusing on water collection and creating clean water points around school so that everyone has access to sanitation points. Learners will gain valuable skills as such as information collection, communication and implementation of valuable resources across the school.


Life on Land: 

Learners to build on the bug hotels created last year and work alongside forest schools and Mr. R Jones to create places around the school site where wildlife can live happily and flourish. Eco council are also looking into the use of the school field to promote the inclusion and safety of animals. Learners will enhance skill set and create places for all the school community and stakeholders to enjoy.