“The Digital Guardian Council is an effective group reviewing and driving the development of online safety policy and practice, often in innovative ways.”

 (360 Safe Quality Mark Assessment, May 2018)

The Digital Guardian Council is an organisation within school made up of the Executive Principal, Head Of School, Head Of ICT, 2 students per year group, parents, governors, teachers, network technicians and pastoral managers, chaired by Mr Ennion, Head Of Creative Technology & Computing.

Our Aim

The aim of the Digital Guardian Council is to ensure that all learners at Oakfield are able to use digital communication and information technology appropriately. We intend to build learner resilience, confidence and the skills needed to face and deal with risks which by be exposed including:

  • Access to illegal, harmful or inappropriate images or other content,
  • Unauthorised access to / loss of / sharing of personal information,
  • The sharing / distribution of personal images without an individual’s consent or knowledge,
  • Inappropriate communication / contact with others, including strangers,
  • Access to unsuitable video / internet games,
  • The evaluation of the quality, accuracy and relevance of information on the internet,
    Plagiarism and copyright infringement,
  • Illegal downloading of music or video files
  • The potential for excessive use, which may impact on the social and emotional development and learning of the young person.

What We Do

  • We meet termly to discuss strategies to raise awareness of how to stay safe online.
  • We review the “Being A Good Digital Citizen Policy” annually and send it to governors for approval.
  • We raise awareness of Digital Dangers and threats through the weekly “Digital Guardians E-Safety tip of the week” in the school newsletter. We also create a termly E-Safety newsletter.
  • We plan and run activities for Safer Internet Week & Anti Bullying Week including assemblies and competitions.
  • We review current school curriculum and lead learner & staff surveys to gather opinions on how to improve E-Safety systems whole school.
  • Provide Oakfield stakeholder support through Parent Training workshops, staff CPD and being Peer to Peer buddies.
  • We work together to provide evidence towards the 360 Safe School Safety Mark.