Art Department

At Oakfield learners are able to enjoy and develop ways of using their imagination, communicating their ideas and expressing their feelings through exploration.

Art is essentially about expanding the ability to think creatively and encourages cross cultural understanding as well as developing critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills.

At Oakfield we aim to stimulate learner’s interest and develop schemes that are tailored to the individual needs of the learners. Oakfield promotes investigation and exploration of materials to support a variety of approaches in developing skills and techniques. At Oakfield we ensure learners have access to a wide range of resources which are freely available and regularly maintained. Oakfield also works alongside other targeted areas of the curriculum to provide cross-circular links and cement knowledge and understanding.

To be really meaningful to learners, Art must be about REAL life and first-hand experience. Educational visits to Galleries and areas of interest are an integral part of the Art experience at Oakfield High and College.

Art at KS3

At Key Stage 3 learners will work in two and three dimensions. They will use a wide variety of wet and dry media and will develop skills that will give them the confidence to communicate visually. All learners will have access to original works of art, craft and design as they gain an understanding of the visual world.

Topics studied in Y7 include; Maps and Borders, Weave, Calder-Natural Starting Points and Art Theory Still Life.

In Y8 topics include; Sea Life, Aztec Print, Colourful Landscapes and Art from Around the World.

In Y9 topics include; Aboriginal Painting and Clay, Klimt Portraits and Art Theory Perspective/Surrealism.

Art at KS4

At KS4 learners will develop their studies of famous artists to produce work on given themes as part of their GCSE accreditation in Art and Design.

This is a broad course exploring practical and critical/contextual work through a range of 2D and/or 3D processes and new media and technologies. It is an unendorsed course where candidates can work in appropriate art, craft and design materials and processes. Candidates should produce practical and contextual work associated within 2 or 3 given briefs throughout the course and a 10-hour exam in year 11.

Art Opportunities and Experiences

At Oakfield we take pride in the fact that we support the arts and well-being across the school and college. We offer a range of lunch and after school clubs that allow learners to explore art and design. We celebrate sports and active leisure every year with a dedicated week where all staff and learners get involved with fun and creative activities. Educational visits to galleries and areas of interest are an integral part of the Art experience at Oakfield. To celebrate our 10th anniversary we invited a wide range of art experts to Oakfield to work with our learners to create a piece of art that represented what the school means to our learners and the community.