Peter Lynas is an award winning author of Children’s books and after visiting our school and College back in 2017, agreed to become a Patron of Reading for Oakfield High School & College. A Patron of Reading is a school's special author (or poet, illustrator, storyteller) who works with the school to encourage and develop a reading for pleasure culture, through visits and activities. Peter is a firm believer in the careful use of rhyme, rhythm and sounds.

Peter Lynas has worked with young children in many main stream schools but taking on the role as Patron of Reading for Oakfield has been a wonderful and rewarding experience for him. He states that he is “…..very proud to be a Patron of Reading for such a wonderful school, with fantastic teachers and wonderful children”.

Peter’s workshops involve each and every learner in both School and College, and have proved to be very successful in its first year. His stories have inspired our learners to be creative and link the subjects, throughout the curriculum. They have made ‘Bunny’ biscuits in Cookery, created their very own clay ‘Dragosaur’ in Art, crafted moving characters from his books in Design & Technology, acted out the stories using materials/props to encourage their speaking and listening and gain more confidence, and last but not least, written and created  some amazing and imaginative work.

It has been evidenced that Peter’s stories inspire our learners. Peter states, “The children are extremely observant and notice tiny details in the pictures, whilst also listening attentively and paying attention to the words”

On his most recent visit Peter stated “Each visit just gets better and better. There are always highlights, but these action packed days are truly memorable.” Most importantly of all, Peter is now seen as an inspirational role model for our young people, who is recognised and always welcomed by everyone; staff and learners 

Here are some of his books that have been published which can be accessed and viewed along with lots more information about his workshops and experience via his website; shown below:


Madeleine Goes to the Moon

  • 2016 People's Book Prize Finalist
  • ​Winner of Inkspokes Select Books Award
  • ​Books Monthly Young Children's Book of the Month

​"A delightful, brilliantly imagined and illustrated picture-story book for young children."


Can You Draw The Dragosaur?

A rhythmic, rhyming tale with a delightful twist. What makes this story unique however, is that it's up to the reader to complete the illustrations themselves, meaning that every book will be unique.


Recipe for Making a Snowman

This charming, rhyming story that’s not just for Christmas shows you how to build the perfect snowman… assuming that you follow the instructions correctly of course. (November 2016)​