At Oakfield, we believe that PSHE/C helps our young people embrace change, feel positive about who they are and enjoy healthy, safe, responsible and fulfilled lives. Through active learning opportunities learners recognise and manage risk, take increasing responsibility for themselves, their choices and behaviours and make positive contributions to their families, schools and communities. As our young people learn to recognise, develop and communicate their qualities, skills and attitudes, they build knowledge, confidence and self-esteem and make the most of their abilities. As they explore similarities and differences between people and discuss social and moral dilemmas, they learn to deal with challenges and accommodate diversity in all its forms.

At Oakfield we give our young people the knowledge and develop their self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness to make informed choices and decisions; to encourage and support the development of social skills and social awareness; to enable students to make sense of their own personal and social experiences; to promote responsible attitudes towards the maintenance of good physical and mental health, supported by a safe and healthy lifestyle; to enable effective interpersonal relationships and develop a caring attitude towards others; to encourage a caring attitude towards and responsibility for the community; to help our young people to understand and manage their feelings; to understand how society works and the rights and responsibilities involved.

Students in Year 14 are taught at Leigh Sports Village. They have a PSHE lesson and a double WJEC (Entry 3/ level 1) Accredited Self Development and Wellbeing lesson. Together, these lessons will support the development of skills which are valued by employers and promote independent life skills.