College Ambassadors: 

Each year the college ambassadors are picked by the pastoral manager and assistant headteacher. Those chosen are known for their positive attitude, their positive contributions to college, their passion for improving college and the support they have provided to staff and learners. College ambassadors play a vital role in the running of college. The role of the college ambassadors allows the learners to thrive and develop before finishing their Oakfield journey. The college ambassadors display and develop on a wide range of skills throughout the day, including communication, listening, using their initiative, empathy and confidence.  


College Union: 


Each year the college forms come together to nominate a member of their form to join the college union. The college union come together once every half term to discuss current topics in college. The main aim of the college union is for the learner voice to be heard. The union members use this platform to be advocates for all of the learners in college. Each meeting has minutes taken, along with actions for the chair of the meeting (the pastoral manager) and actions for the college union members. The union members discuss topics such as how to improve the college environment, rewards systems, what would they want to experience during their time in college and ways of developing college for it to be inclusive for all.  



Global Goals for College Ambassadors