College have around 12 Ambassadors and Trainee Ambassadors who play a great part in supporting students and staff throughout Oakfield High School and College. Students can become Ambassadors and Trainee Ambassadors at any time of the year.

Throughout the year staff observations and feedback play a part in selecting new Ambassadors and Trainees for the following academic year.  Targets from reviews re enhancing self-confidence also play a part in the selection process.

Throughout the year, Students also request if/how they can become Ambassadors and this is how the Trainee Ambassador role developed. On-going feedback is given to trainees and full Ambassadors to help them with their role.

Students are involved in the design of their badges and over the years have decided they want it to reflect closely to staff badges.

The position comes with many responsibilities which include:

  • Always being happy to help
  • Courtesy and politeness at all times
  • Treating everyone with respect and kindness at all times
  • Treating everyone fairly at all times
  • Supporting and promoting good manners to students during lunch times
  • Signposting learners, students and visitors to the correct place
  • Role modelling and promoting expected behaviour to students in College, learners in school, staff and visitors at all times
  • Role modelling and promoting expected behaviour on external visits to other learners, staff and members of public at all times

A development of the role led to Ambassadors becoming involved in Spirals of Inquiry. As part of Spirals of Inquiry and developing opportunities for independence and leadership, one of the projects involves the college ambassadors supporting school lunch clubs after half-term.

Learners have been given the opportunity to select their 'duty' and support learners at lunch in the quiet room and lunch club.

Feedback from Ambassadors, school learners and staff of this additional responsibility has been very positive.