Collaborative Exploration

Oakfield recognises the importance of staff coaching intrinsically linked to school improvement and change. There is an emphasis on the critique of teacher efficacy and exceptional professional development rather than external or centralised observation.

Oakfield has adopted an appreciative inquiry approach to self-evaluation. This include instructional rounds, theories of action and has led to the development of a Teacher Framework. Staff have collaboratively constructed a language and framework around what is happening in classrooms in a systematic, purposeful and focused way.

The Collaborative Explorations framework is an intrinsic part of professional development and learning. Staff engage critically with research to trial a new approach and reflect on what strategies are most effective for the learners. The school improvement plans are derived from the research completed by staff for their ‘collaborative exploration’.

There is planned time for staff to complete research on areas linked to the school improvement plan, all departments have a department improvement plan that is subject specific and linked to the School Improvement Plan.
Throughout the year the teachers take part in ‘instructional rounds of appreciative inquiry’ and collaboratively formulate ‘theories of action.’ Their individual collaborative exploration, Department Improvement Plans and therefore the School Improvement Plan are based on these findings.