Our Philosophy

At Aspire we believe that behaviour such as bullying and harassment are totally unacceptable. We will strive to create and maintain an environment where everyone feels safe, secure and valued.

Our policy and practice is intended to support learner understanding of what bullying is and highlights how we can all work to prevent and deal with bullying.


We believe:

Everyone shares a responsibility to create a safe, secure learning environment.

Creating and ensuring a safe environment makes a valuable contribution towards promoting appropriate behaviour and promotes high academic standards.

In fostering mutual respect between everyone.

That we are all role models and that our response to bullying is always to be calm, consistent, approachable and strive to create mutual respect for each other.

Our ethos and organisation is designed to prevent bullying and where it does occur to respond positively and in the interests of the whole school, the victim and the bully.


What is bullying?

‘Repeated behaviour that deliberately threatens the well-being of another person. Such behaviour could be physical, verbal or psychological’.

We recognise that a single incident of aggressive behaviour can be regarded as bullying in certain circumstances.

Bullying can take many forms including:

  • Physical – hitting, kicking, punching or a use of violence.
  • Verbal – name calling, spreading rumours, teasing or inciting violence.
  • Emotional – leaving people out, intimidation, unfriendliness, treats or ignoring people.
  • Cyber – misuse of the internet and technology including messaging, misuse of mobile phones and social media with inappropriate calls, texts or postings.


Who do I speak to?

As a parent or a learner, we recommend that if you have any Bullying concerns then you seek the contact of your required Key Stage named contact below for further advice and guidance by using 01942 776142 or alternatively where your email will be forwarded to the necessary named contact.


Parent and student points of contact:

Year 7 Pastoral Manager - Amanda Brown

Year 8 Pastoral Manager - Leighton Waterworth

Year 9 Pastoral Manager - Jade Williams 

Year 10 Pastoral Manager - Loran Peachy

Year 11 Pastoral Manager - Jayne Penny

Year 12, 13 Pastoral Manager - Ellie Tomlinson

Year 14 Pastoral Manager - Andrea Foulkes


Other involved Staff + Governor Links

Governor – Mrs J Brown


Targeted support

Learners can be referred to our Pathways to Success team for support.


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