We would like to introduce the Oakfield Anti-Bullying Alliance.  The Anti-Bullying Alliance is a working party made up of School and College stakeholders that work together to prevent bullying at Oakfield.

The working party is made up of members of the student council which is overseen by school leadership, pastoral managers, governors and staff representatives.

The working party meet termly to:

  • Produce Anti-Bullying marketing materials for learners
  • Update the current school Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Develop activities for Anti-Bullying week
  • Provide tips for the weekly newsletters to support parents

Anti-Bullying Alliance Successes

Since being established the Anti-Bullying Alliance have successfully:

  • Produced an Anti-Bullying guide for learners and parents that have been printed and published on the school website.
  • Set up a peer support scheme called “Worry Slips” that give students a voice in every classroom to report any concerns.
  • Received training on how to peer mentor learners when “Worry Slips” are handed in.
  • Ran activities for Anti-Bullying Week in both school and College
  • Provided CPD to staff on how to recognise and deal with bullying incidents including cyberbullying.

The Peer Support “Worry Slip” Scheme

At Oakfield we successfully run a “Worry Slip” Peer Support Scheme that is run by the learners of the alliance. The “Worry Slip” Peer Support Scheme gives learners of Oakfield an opportunity to discreetly voice concerns in relation to bullying and non-bullying anxieties. The “Worry Slips” are picked up daily by the Alliance team. When a disclosure is made, one of the Alliance team will go and find the learner within the same school day and offer advice, listen to their concerns and point the learner in the right direction of a member of staff for further help. All incidents are recorded and shared with Alliance staff.

Below is a copy of the “Worry Slips that Oakfield learners can complete if they feel they are being bullied.


See the Anti-Bullying page for more details.