Animal Care

As part of the Landbased course we run a series of Animal care units which include working with horses and farm animals. At Oakfield we have a range of small animals with both fur and scales and students on the BTEC course must take care and have some responsibility for the health and well-being of these animals over the three year period.

We also have links with Willlington Hall Riding Centre near Chester. Students attend the stables on a regular basis during the ‘horse year’. Students learn how to look after and handle these bigger ‘furries’ and enjoy the experience of working around them.

We also are lucky enough to have farm links with Milton Bank farm near Warrington where Simon and Victoria Rigby welcome us during our ‘farm year’. Students get hands on with the sheep before, during and after lambing. We also meet the herd of Longhorn cattle at the farm and even the pet pig.