In our assembly on World Book Day, KS3 & 4 learners had the privilege of listening to the story ‘Bunny’, read by the author Peter Lynas, before it goes on sale very soon.

Peter spent Lunchtime with students in the dining hall where everyone showed their enthusiasm and shared stories, discussing different books.

College learners took part in a cookery workshop crafting bunnies to represent his story book ‘Bunny’. They asked lots of questions and showed great appreciation for the art work that was created by Clare Lindley (the illustrator of the book).

In the afternoon College learners took part in a craft workshop where they created a dragosaur out of clay which was modelled from the story ‘The Dragosaur’.


Peter commented…

“Once again thanks for being so welcoming and it was a great day – My girls said to let the class know that they enjoyed the biscuits (although they did fight over the one with the tongue sticking out….).

I was chatting to my family last night and the best bit about yesterday was just talking to the learners. At lunch Year 7 were swarming all over me but it was great because they were excited and talking about stories and books. Then one of them offered to walk me to the staffroom, and it took ages because kids were stopping to tell me they liked the story in assembly, and one boy from Year 7 (wish I could remember his name!) was telling me about the story he had nearly finished.

It was just great that they were all buzzing and excited, it’s nice that they are getting to know me and it’s so much more than just a one-off school visit.”