College Life  

At Oakfield College we provide an individual and tailored approach to further education. As specialist providers we aim to ensure our approach encompasses both aspirational accreditation outcomes and a program designed to ensure our young people are prepared for adulthood.  


The curriculum at Oakfield College enables our learners to follow a vocational pathway and continue to build on literacy and numeracy skills. Learners complete Functional Skills Accreditation is English and Maths and are provided with a PSHE and ICT curriculum that meets the changing needs of the learners as they grow.  

Vocational Pathways are diverse learners can choose from subjects such as Health and Social care, Landbased Learning, Performing Skills and Hospitality and Catering. Some learners also access an individualised Life Skills Program.  


Learners at Oakfield College are all given the opportunity to undertake an enrichment program designed to give learners with various interests and talents the chance to express themselves and develop their skills. Learners can choose from active, creative or media based enrichment programs.  

These programs although beneficial for individual learner development on their own also provide the skills element for the DofE Award.   

DofE- Expedition  

In order to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award, learners at Oakfield College are given the opportunity to take part in an expedition.  

The expedition gives young people the chance to be part of a team, promotes resilience and independence and encourages learners to use their own initiative and problem solving skills. 

Hinning House/ Low Bank Ground  

Learners of all abilities are given the opportunity to take part in various adventurous activities including Kayaking, Gill scrambling and orienteering in a residential setting. Independent, life and team working skills are developed in a supported and secure environment.  


Preparation for adulthood is a large part of the experience offered at Oakfield College.  The Enterprise Curriculum together with various theme weeks enables our students the chance to learn and develop skills required in working life. Tasks are based around working together, completing jobs on a work schedule, working safely with tools and equipment, working to a deadline and customer service. Our learners are all given the chance to use these skills in a practical setting at Enterprise events