Here at Oakfield we pride ourselves in listening to the opinions and views of the learners, our dedicated Student Council is a fine example of this.  

Our Student Council representatives - one learner from each year group plus a reserve - are elected at the beginning of each academic year and they then carry out this role throughout that year.  

Our main aim is to help to make a difference in our school, college and also in the local community.  

The representatives attend meetings at least once every half term to share ideas and information, plan and organise future projects/campaigns and to take any ideas forward. 


To date our representatives have been involved in the following: 

Planning and organising a conference with other local high schools 

Each representative obtaining individually the Gold Award standard in the Student Leadership Award developed by the SSAT (the schools, students and teachers network) 

Campaigning – Access for All in our local community 

Supporting fundraising events within school and college  

Whole school survey for outdoor equipment 

Organising a whole school competition – Name our dining room 

Making suggestions for dining room furniture 

Contributing to the Anti-Bullying policy and raising awareness   

Providing peer support – Worry slips 

Collecting of ballots for an Oakfield General Election 

Contributing to assemblies – Our Community, Sun Safety, The General Election and Make Your Mark 

Coordinating whole school campaigns including The Youth Parliament - Make Your Mark by leading the school assembly, collecting and counting the votes completed by the whole school and college which are then collated with all the other high schools across Great Britain 


Access For All – Campaign Conference 

On the 25th April our Student Council planned, organised and held a conference inviting Student Councils from other local schools across the borough – Hindley High School, Landgate, Rosebridge and Fred Longworth. They all worked extremely hard to organise this event which took place in our school. The conference aimed to support our representatives in a new campaign which they wish to take forward, prior to the conference during a meeting they decided that as well as making a difference in our school and college they wanted to help in our local community to make it a better place by improving public areas making them more accessible for everyone. Their ideas included Access For All in local parks, A more Poop Free Wigan Borough and Making a difference in Borsdane Woods. During the conference the representatives sought the opinions of the other and gained their views on the whole campaign ideas, the other schools were all in favour of our council taking their ideas forward. 

I am so, so proud of our Student Council representatives, all learners make us proud on a daily basis and on this occasion the representatives excelled all expectation……..Well Done to each and every one of them for their hard work and dedication!! - Mrs Grace 


The Listen Up Conference 2017 

On the 6th October  the Student Council attended a local conference in nearby Hindley to share their opinions and views on topics relating to Work and Learning / Leisure and Fun / Choices Control and Rights / Feeling Well / Family, Friends and Relationships / Where and How I Live. They participated in a number of activities surrounding the above topics and listened to a guest speaker who was formally a learner at our school and college. Whilst there they were also given the opportunity to ask some questions to the Big Bosses at Wigan Council about issues important them and the learners back at school. 


Quotes from former Student Council Representatives 2016 – 2017: 

“This year we have pushed Student Council to its limits – to help the local community become a better place for everyone we organised a conference with other schools and shared our opinions and ideas between us” 

“We have all worked together as a team in Student Council as well as the other schools. We have done more in this year than ever before – Well done Student Council!” 

“Mr Ennion came into our meeting and talked about Anti Bullying. We got involved with a new system of worry slips – I became a monitor, I enjoy helping other people feel better” 

“I enjoyed the actual conference meeting new people and getting their views on our whole campaign” 

“I have enjoyed coming to the meetings, sharing different ideas and helping out in my school”