The Digital Guardian Council is an organisation within school made up of the Executive Principal, Head Of School, Head Of ICT, 2 students per year group, parents, governors, teachers, network technicians and pastoral managers, chaired by Mr Ennion, Head Of Creative Technology & Computing.

Our Aim

The aim of the Digital Guardian Council is to ensure that all learners at Oakfield are able to use digital communication and information technology appropriately. We intend to build learner resilience, confidence and the skills needed to face and deal with risks which by be exposed including:

Access to illegal, harmful or inappropriate images or other content,
Unauthorised access to / loss of / sharing of personal information,
The sharing / distribution of personal images without an individual’s consent or knowledge,
Inappropriate communication / contact with others, including strangers,
Access to unsuitable video / internet games,
The evaluation of the quality, accuracy and relevance of information on the internet,
Plagiarism and copyright infringement,
Illegal downloading of music or video files,
The potential for excessive use, which may impact on the social and emotional development and learning of the young person.
Achievements During 2016-17

The following achievements have been accomplished during this academic year:

The Being A Good Digital Citizen Policy was updated and renewed during Summer 2 2015-16 for the current academic year. The updated policy has been shared on the network and on the school website. (September 2016)
Raise awareness of The Digital Guardian Council through the “I am a good Digital Citizen” video campaign. The video was produced and shared on the school television network during the Autumn Term. (September 2016)
During Anti-Bullying week students across school created masks, digital artwork and videos to raise awareness of cyberbullying. The content included what is cyberbullying, how people are bullied and how to cyberbullying incidents in school and at home. Each class video and poster were shared on the school Television network and online on the school website. (November 2016)
Weekly top tips of how to stay safe when using the internet and technology shared in the weekly parent newsletter. (Weekly)
Oakfield High School and College has been included in the Digital Schools Member Hall Of Fame on website following receiving our Digital Schools Membership license 2016-17. (November 2016)
What We Are Working On 2016-17

Mr Ennion will be holding one parent training evening each term to develop skills and understanding on staying safe using social media, protecting data, online gaming, sexting, online dangers for parents. (Termly)
E-Safety display board updated with information and tips for students (December 2016)
Parents to be given access to to complete an accredited E-Safety course free of charge. (December 2016)
ICT teachers to complete NSPCC Training course to ensure information shared with students is up to date through staff CPD. (February 2017)
School CPD internal training on current E-Safety developments by the end of the academic year to be given by Digital Guardian Chair. (February 2017)
KS3 teaching bullying through Virtual Reality session run by Education Group (January 2017).
Safer Internet Day whole school activities on Tuesday 7TH February 2017.