Peter Lynas is an award winning author of Children’s books and after visiting our school and College has agreed to become a Patron of Reading for Oakfield High School & College. A Patron of Reading is a school's special author (or poet, illustrator, storyteller) who works with the school to encourage and develop a reading for pleasure culture through visits and activities.

Peter is a firm believer in the careful use of rhyme, rhythm and sounds. He has experienced lots of visits to various schools and has been popular with both staff and pupils.

Here are some of his books that have been published which can be accessed and viewed along with lots more information about his workshops and experience via his website; shown below:

“Hello everyone, on Wednesday this week I visited Oakfield High School and College for the first time as your Patron of Reading. I spent the day with the year 7 learners and I hope that they had as much fun as I did.

With class 7/1 we read ‘Madeleine Goes to the Moon’ and chatted about how a book is made. I showed them actual concept sketches and storyboards for the book and some of the comments and question from the children were very insightful. I also read ‘Madeleine Goes to the Sunken Shipwreck’ to the class. This was a very nervous moment for me and a special occasion for the children as this was the first time that I have read this story in public. The children listened very carefully even though it doesn’t have any pictures yet. They then went away and wrote their own stories about where they might go and what might happen, and each story was unique and imaginative. Some of the children did an incredible job reading their stories out, and I hope they remember that experience.

With class 7/2 we read all of my stories, but we focused on ‘Can You Draw The Dragosaur?’. We talked about the rhyme and the sounds in the book and even acted out parts of the story. The children in this class were extremely observant and noticed tiny details in the pictures on a first reading, whilst also listening attentively and paying attention to the words. It was a pleasure to read to them. Some of the children coloured in their own Dragosaurs and some drew their own from scratch. Some children even went over to DT and helped to make a Dragosaur head out of clay (and it looks fantastic!). I took photos of the Dragosaur pictures that the children created and will be uploading them to my website ( We also sat and had a nice chat at the end and some of the children invented their own scary creatures!

With class 7/3 we read all of my stories, but we focused on ‘Recipe for Making a Snowman’, even though we were unfortunately one day late for all of the snow! Once again, the children listened magnificently throughout and it was a pleasure to read to them. We talked about all of the things that went wrong during the story, and the children did not need to be prompted as they had spotted (and laughed at) everything themselves. We also had a go at naming my cuddly snowman, and he was well looked after for the rest of the session. Finally, we all made snowmen using cotton wool, pipe cleaners etc., and I say all because the teachers and myself joined in too! Once again I was impressed with how creative and imaginative the children are and each snowman was unique and very well made.

I’ll be honest, when I was invited to be Patron of Reading for Oakfield High, I wasn’t sure at first because I am used to working with younger children in mainstream schools, but I now know that I made the right decision and I am very proud to be your Patron of Reading. You have a wonderful school with fantastic teachers and wonderful children. I am looking forward to my next visit on World Book Day, where you will be the first in the world to see my next book, called ‘Bunny’. In the meantime, if any of you have any questions for me, then there is a special place on my website just for your school where you can send me messages. I promise I will do my best to answer.

See you on World Book Day!”

What does the future hold here at Oakfield?

There is soon to be a new book released called ‘Bunny’. ‘Bunny’ is the perfect story, perfect for captivating younger children and will shock them with the twist in the tale. 'Bunny' is scheduled for a July release. The artwork is being created by Clare Lindley, who cuts paper to create beautiful pictures. We are hopefully going to get a sneaky preview before it goes on sale! Peter is also about to sign another deal in relation to another book with a new illustrator and we look forward to hearing more about this very soon

Approved visits from our very own Patron of Reading:

Wednesday 7 February 2018: Literacy and Numeracy Week

To work for two lessons each with the three year 7 groups to promote reading for pleasure across this year

Thursday 1 March 2018: World Book Day

Introduction in assembly

To work with a class from Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 - two lessons with each - possibly looking at your new book and/or responding creatively to one of your existing books

Wednesday 2 May 2018: Art & Design / Food

Working with learners from KS3 to explore the creative element of books 

To attend Parents Group 3.30 - 4.00pm to discuss reading for pleasure


Madeleine Goes to the Moon

  • 2016 People's Book Prize Finalist
  • ​Winner of Inkspokes Select Books Award
  • ​Books Monthly Young Children's Book of the Month

​"A delightful, brilliantly imagined and illustrated picture-story book for young children."


Can You Draw The Dragosaur?

A rhythmic, rhyming tale with a delightful twist. What makes this story unique however, is that it's up to the reader to complete the illustrations themselves, meaning that every book will be unique.


Recipe for Making a Snowman

This charming, rhyming story that’s not just for Christmas shows you how to build the perfect snowman… assuming that you follow the instructions correctly of course. (November 2016)​